I have a wide range of pots available for sale in a variety of styles. They make a special gift for someone or a unique  item for your own home. You can arrange to visit the studio and have a look. I also have open studio sales twice a year where you can pick up may bargains

Giant Slip Trailed Bowl

Giant bowl with slip trailed decoration. Black background with white and orange slip trails. White earthenware clay fired to 1100c. 38cm diameter and 13cm height. Cost £75

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Mugs Inspired By Music

I have a selection of new mugs now available for sale. All approximate sizes from 100 to 110cm height 95 to 100mm diameter. High fired white stoneware clay with slip and underglaze decoration. Price £20 each.

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Raku fired vase with long neck

Long necked vase with a porcelain slip, burnished at the leather hard stage then heated in a raku kiln, drawn out when red hot and covered in sawdust. Leaves a cloudy black surface with soft sheen. Height 28cm cost £135

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