Dukes Meadows Welcome Signage

In 2003 Ricky was chosen to design and make a welcome interpretation sign for an entrance to Dukes Meadows by the River Thames in Chiswick. This was part of the first phase of a regeneration scheme.
He worked in consultation with The Friends of Dukes Meadow, a community organisation, and agreed on a design.
Chiswick Community School was involved making use of their facilities and a core group of keen children.
The idea was to build a pair of sculptural canoe shapes that would form a landmark and incorporate a map of the park and scenes of local history and nature.
Slabs of clay were built round a life sized wooden former. These were made in sections and each was decorated using different techniques.
Images from the Cherry Shoe Polish Company and Thorneycroft’s ship yard which used to exist nearby were screen printed onto tiles to be used on one surface. A local map was built in relief onto another. Stencilled images of wild flowers, tiles of wildlife from the local nature reserve, Concorde juxtaposed with flying birds (the area is on Heathrow flight path). Texture was built up and the surface was painted with coloured slips.
After firing the sections were moved to site and with help from members of the community installed.

Chesterfield Primary School, London

The clay project at Chesterfield primary School was a huge undertaking with over 800 children taking part as well as an inset session with teaching staff. As well as the sculpture projects there were mosaic, tile and relief panels. There were three separate sculpture activities that the school made. One was a giant sculptural head and a planter influenced by African art made by groups of year 6 students. These were mounted on plinths and are situated in one of the corridors in the school. Another involved year 5 students who built tall columns in sections. These were then sculpted upon with images of children climbing ladders and trees hauling up smaller children in baskets. These were positioned in a glass extension running along the front of the building. The third sculpture work was an after school session with teaching staff at the school. This proved to be a fun session with some great results. The finished pieces are now in a glass show case.

Oakthorpe Primary School, Enfield

For Big Arts Week 2008 Ricky ran a sculpture project with children from Oakthorpe Primary School in Enfield. The school has lots of amazing art throughout the school and regularly have visitors to come and work with the children.
An area was set aside in the main hall to work in and tarpaulins pat down. Clay elves were to be built based on the Terracotta Army from China. In preparation for this moulds were made from melons to Form the Heads. Two children had their hands cast to make left and right realistic elf hands. Slabs of clay were draped around drain pipe sections for arm and leg sections. The bodies were built by coiling clay and building up.
The elves were assembled when firm enough and supported while the details of faces and clothes were sculpted by rotating groups of children. At the end of the week there were eight elves all with their own unique character.
The elves were set in concrete in a planted area at the school entrance.

Torriano Junior School, London

Masks, Green Men planters, a relief griffin and totem poles were all part of clay sculptural projects at Torriano Junior School. The masks were made by groups of four children working together on ideas inspired by African masks. For the green men slabs of clay were rolled out. Newspaper was used as support and the clay draped over and joined to a flat piece of clay below to form the shape of the planter. Working from images the had found they began to model their artworks. For the relief panel they found inspiration from an image of a griffin tile by William de Morgan. This they sculpted directly on to clay tiles using pressed and rolled pieces of clay. The totem poles were built using coils of clay. Smoothed with a kidney and painted with coloured slips.