Relief Panels

Carterhatch Junior School, Enfield

Carterhatch Infant School, Enfield wanted a clay project that would involve all the children and have a permanent piece of artwork for the school. As you enter the main gate there is a wall and it was decided that a welcome panel would be built. This would be something that visitors to the school would immediately see.
Forty Hall is a local landmark and would be used as the main in the design. The four seasons was to be the theme and work began by making a relief tile mould of Forty Hall. This tile was reproduced and placed in scenes reflecting the seasons. Trees, flowers, dogs, children at play all could be made on the tiles that would form the background. The children then painted all the scenes with slips. Border tiles 15cm squared were used with lettering painted on them.
After firing the tiles were cemented on to backing board, mounted on the wall and framed.

Galliard Primary School, Enfield

Relief panels mark the approach to the new Children’s Centre at Galliard Primary School, Enfield. The panels were commissioned by the head teacher and a theme of fairy tales was decided on.
One panel has characters from the film Shrek and the other centred on a gingerbread house in the middle of an enchanted forest.
Moulds of horses were used to form the horses pulling a carriage across the sky. Borders of peonies and artichokes were built with fairies perched in there midst. Owls, witches, flowers, dragons and trees were built up. Holes were cut in some tiles that would be later inlaid with gold mirror glass. After painting with coloured slips the tiles were marked on the back to make it easier when mounting up. Everything was transported to the workshop to dry slowly before firing. The tiles were fired to 1260 degrees centigrade to make them as frost proof as possible.
A wooden battened framework was fixed to the walls and framed with varnished hardwood. The tiles were mounted on a cement backing board and mirror pieces set in the holes to finish.

Oakthorpe Primary School, London

To celebrate Big Art Week 2008 Oakthorpe Primary School wanted an artist to run clay project with the children. The year before they had made terracotta elves. This year they wanted a wall piece.
Slabs of clay were prepared and large boards laid on tables for working on. The main features of the panel were marked out. One of the children lay on the tiles and friends marked her outline on the leather hard clay. They decide this would be Little Red Riding Hood and so they had to have a wolf. Other characters from fairy tales evolved like the Snow Queen and a Green Man blowing wind. In the centre of the picture paper stencils of birds flying were added. Gold mirror glass was used to give extra sparkle to the whole scene.
The tiles were then taken to the workshop and fired. The whole thing was then assembled and framed. It is situated indoors in the corridor.