My Ceramics Workshops

ceramics workshops for schools and community groups, pottery classes


Ricky first became interested in ceramic mosaics and tiles when he discovered the work of William de Morgan, a Victorian tile maker based in London. He also began making ceramic panels based on Moroccan patterns. Experiments with glass tesserae and summer mosaic table courses for adults at Ormond Road Workshops, Islington were to follow. This experience was brought to his work with schools and community groups. Children could build and paint hand made pottery tiles. Pressing toys such as spiders, buses or dolls faces into clay were used to make moulds. These tiles were then assembled with mosaic background. This technique has been used to make welcome signs, story boards and pictorial scenes.
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relief panel workshops for schools and community groups, pottery classes

Relief Panels

Relief panels are very striking and are good for viewing from a distance. They offer an opportunity for groups to work together on a big artwork. Children learn to appreciate the planning and scale involved. Slabs of clay are rolled out in preparation and the design sketched onto the clay. Using coils of clay and modelling tools, the picture is built up into a 3 dimensional representation. These are then painted with colours then taken to be fired and glazed. The finished pieces are mounted on a frame, grouted and installed
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sculpture workshops for schools and community groups


Sculpting with clay is creating three-dimensional artwork by shaping and combining the material using various techniques. Clay can be rolled into slabs which can be built round armatures into all kinds of shapes. Pinch pots can be joined and smoothed out. Clay can be added to this to form all sorts of shapes. In his work with schools and community groups Ricky has used a variety of these techniques to build very different types of sculpture. From small individual works to large group pieces. Pottery can be a fun way to make something to enhance your environment..
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totem pole workshops for schools and community groups

Totem Poles

Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved from large trees, usually cedar, by cultures of the indigenous people of the Northwest Pacific coast of North America. Ricky has always held an interest in mythology and used a lot of ideas from ancient cultures in his earlier work. Play grounds are enhanced with the addition of Totem poles. Not only do they look striking, they become a focal point for role play and can be used to define a space for rituals such as story telling..
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Kiln Work

A kiln is used by potters to fire their clay. It may be described as an enclosure to contain heat. A number of different types of kilns developed over time to suit local demand and tradition.
Ricky has run courses in building pit and tunnel kilns at Ormond Road Workshops. At Rhodes Avenue Primary School he has built a Roman kiln and an Anglo Saxon clamp kiln. Mostly he uses his own electric kiln at his studio to fire pottery work from school projects and from his weekend pottery classes.
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