Here are some examples of mosaic work I have completed with various schools and community groups.

Torriano Junior School, Camden

Ricky’s first ever school commission was Torriano Junior School in Camden. It was year 2000 and the school wanted to celebrate by doing a project to mark the millennium. The theme was a time line marking 500 year gaps in history. Both classes in each year group made their own panel which was linked to subjects being studied in the curriculum. On his first visit Ricky talked to the children and demonstrated designing and making a section of panel. Throughout the day children were able to come along and ask questions. The resulting tile mosaic represented year zero. Each panel used a slightly different technique.

  • 2000BC The Epic of Gilgamesh was one of the earliest poems ever written. The children used this story as their theme. Some made animals tiles and others worked together to make the ark.
  • 1500BC Egypt. Unfired clay tiles were set out on a board. A scene from Egypt was selected by the children and from this they made paper stencils to form the main shapes of their picture.
  • 1000BC Migration of Bantu in Africa. Map of Africa cut from clay tiles then painted with stencils. Border tiles using textile pattern made by scraffito through black slip onto clay surface.
  • 500BC Bhudda coloured border tiles depicting lily flower. Hexagonal background tiles with coloured slip leaves. Bhudda body in mosaic with gold mirror pieces
  • 500AD Viking longboat cut from raw clay with tessellating waves.
  • 1000AD Torriano Junior School letters made in style of original printed lettering.
  • 1500AD Commemorating Columbus a mosaic compass in mosaic.
  • 2000AD The age of technology mosaic and cut tiles.

St John and St James Primary School

St John and St James Primary School, Enfield wanted a mosaic welcome sign to brighten their entrance. All the children at the school from infants to year six took part. After some discussion with the head teacher the theme was chosen was the world. A map was scaled up to size to fit wall space using tracing paper. This was then laid on top of prepared slabs of clay. The children traced round the image leaving an impression on the clay. They then used pottery knives to cut out the shapes of the continents. Referring to physical maps mountain ranges moulded using clay. Animals were built onto the continents and individual sea creatures made that could be used as part of the sea. Year six made tiles celebrating wonders of the world and year fives made flags. Small mosaic letters were made to mark the oceans. After firing the pieces were assembled at the studio using blue glass mosaic pieces to form the sea. A frame was built and the panels mounted at the school.

Tottenhall Infant School, Enfield

Tottenhall Infant School was being rebuilt and were wanting something for the new entrance foyer.
Ricky met with the head teacher and children from the school council to discuss what they would like. The children spoke of a fox that had a den under one of the temporary buildings and of a bear that had a very important roll in the school. They wanted to show a story of the original Victorian building and the process with the new building work. All of these elements were used as source ideas in the final design.
Every child in the school was involved in making their own tile. Casts of parts of the old building were taken that would be replicated in clay. Moulds of bulldozer and digger truck toys were made. These could then be used to create the building site. Children made portraits of themselves and teachers as well as playground games and flowers. These were all taken and fired.
The resulting work was then assembled in sections with mosaic work forming the background.