Introduction to glaze making

Friday 22nd July 10am to 4pm

Matt White Over Tenmoku 1260c

Transparent glaze one on Stoneware other on Porcelain 1260c












In this one day introduction to glaze making you will have a chance to experiment with making your own glazes. There will be a set of recipes that will be used to form the base of your glaze and experiment with different additions of oxides/stains to create colour. You will find out what the various ingredients do and how these affect the temperature at which they mature.

There will be test pieces provided of a range of clay’s and you will be able to see how these have an affect on the finished product. If you have any of your own pieces to test you can also use these.

We will mainly be dealing with High Temperature glazes fired to 1260c but will also have a look at Earthenware and Raku types.We may also do some glaze making from local sourced wood ash and clay

When they have all been fired you will be able to come and have a look at them and see how they have turned out.

Bring a packed lunch tea and coffee provided


Cost £55

Speckled Egg over Moss Green on Toasted Stoneware body 1260c


Blue Earthenware over Satin Black on Toasted Stoneware Clay 1260c